The Spice Warlock Takes on Indian Food, part 2 – The Roti

After trying a few Indian recipes, I found some that really spoke to me.  I couldn’t understand them due to the language barrier, but I was impressed by the the play of flavors and textures.  The only problem was, I was missing a vehicle to soak up the sauce:  a starch!  Many recipes suggested rice, which is okay, but I wanted something else.  I’m not a rice hater, but I do like my bread.

I found that there are so many different breads that Indians use to sop up those flavorful sauces and chutneys.  I decided to start with the basics.  Luckily the recipe book started with “Chapter 1 – The Basics”.  I found the recipe for the basic “roti” which is a flatbread. It’s like the Intian tortilla.  I’m sure that others would disagree with that statement. It comes together really easily and only has 3 ingredients:  flour, water and salt.  The flour that is used is a whole wheat called “atta”. The first batch I made was a bust.  I didn’t knead the dough enough and the roti was dry and mealy.  My second batch I let rest for almost an hour simply because I was prepping everything else for Palak Paneer.  I’ve been told that the less dough you have left on your hands, the more of a pro you are.  I had a fair amount of dough left on my hands so I’m not going to quit my day job, yet.

The roti were so tasty and I can’t wait for the next batch.  There are so many different variations of roti that I will try every single one of them over time.  Next up, the paratha.


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